Tropical Delight – Guest Post on Cooking’s Good Vegetarian Cafe


I’m beyond excited to be doing my first guest post and it’s with Suzi over at Cooking’s Good Vegetarian Cafe. Her blog is full of healthy and delicious vegetarian meals with some of the most gorgeous pictures you‘ve ever seen. It is truly an honor to be able to take one of my calorically dense desserts over there and share with her. Thank you so much Suzi. Please check out my Tropical Delight Cake and the rest of the yumminess over at Cooking’s Good Vegetarian Cafe

19 thoughts on “Tropical Delight – Guest Post on Cooking’s Good Vegetarian Cafe

  1. Hi, Sandra! Just popped in from Suzi’s blog after reading your guest post — a delight! Your tablescapes (here and elsewhere on your blog) are so creative, too. Congrats on your first guest post — well done!

  2. Suzi is AWESOME! I have enjoyed getting to know her over the last few months. You did a fantastic job with this Tropical delight dessert! Well done my friend. Heading over to Suzi’s blog right now. :)

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