Sugar High Bakery Tres Leche Cupcake

When it comes to discovering a new bakery I sometimes move at the speed of sound. A couple of days ago on my way home from the car dealership I spotted a sign with the word ‘bakery”. It wasn’t a storefront sign, just one of those signs on wheels out in front of small plaza in Frankenmuth. Frankenmuth is also known around here as Little Bavaria. It’s only about 15 minutes away, but it’s like being in another world. A world where the streets are paved, and the city is super clean. Frankenmuth is also home to Bronners, one of the largest indoor, year-round Christmas stores in the world. But I digress, back to the bakery. The sign on wheels said “Thanks for making Sugar High Cakes the best in the region. I probably broke a couple of speed laws and maybe made an illegal turn getting back to the bakery. Sugar High Bakery was at tucked way in the back of River Place Shops and it was almost like trying to find my way through a maze to find it. It was cold and windy and I was in such a hurry to find it that I didn’t bother to pick up my gloves our scarf off the car seat.

My internal GPS guided me in the right direction to this sweet shop. It’s decorated in pink, black and white and there’s cupcake paraphernalia all over the place. They also carry a modest amount of decorating supplies and have a couple of café style tables and chairs so you can sit and dine on one of their gigantic cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels or cute as a button cupcakes. For most people cute little bake shops are the norm, but not around here. We have mostly instore bakeries and our fair share of homebakers. So finding Sugar High was a sweet treat in more ways than one. The owner was busy with a bride and groom putting the finishing touches on their wedding cake order. The cupcakes in the case were Styrofoam replicas of the real thing, hmm I guess. I can see the reasoning for not having a case loaded with freshly baked goods, but it did seem a tad impersonal. Maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of Cupcake Wars and DC Cupcakes. I settled on Tres Leches. This was really timely, because I’d just read on the Cake Duchess Blog about her Tres Leches Cake and commented that I’d never tasted it before. Thanks Universe that was quick!

This was also another reminder to take my camera with me whenever I leave home. I did have my cell phone with camera but the lighting wasn’t the greatest and I knew it wouldn’t have turned out well. OK, now about this Tres Leches Cupcake; it was good and much lighter than I expected. I’d love to know what kind of frosting they used, it was super light and not the stick to your mouth ultra greasy variety most instore bakeries use around here. The Mr. liked it too, which is a surprise. He’s not that into sweets and especially store bought ones. He was more surprised about the $3.25 that I paid for it. This from the man that has one of the most expensive hobbies around, RC helicopters. At any rate, my Tres Leche appetite has been whet and I’ll have to make the cake or cupcakes on my own. In addition to the baked goods and gelato, Sugar High offers events where guests/customers can decorate cupcakes or small cakes, have birthday parties, plus and they offer decorating classes. There just may be a fondant cake in my future. Oh, one more thing I found the cutest cupcake measuring spoons to send to my daughter in Dallas. They’re almost as adorable as she is.