Pink and Polka Dots

a baby shower1

Here we have baby shower cake #2, and once again it’s for a girl. My nephew Jamaar and his wife are expecting a girl very soon and I was asked to do the shower cake. I also did their wedding cake back in September 2011.

a baby shower3

The shower cake was a 10” strawberry and an 8” vanilla. I left the shower before the cake was cut so there are no pictures of the inside. Friends and family made the other desserts that were on the table.

a baby shower4

The strawberry cake was inspired by a recipe from the Cake Doctor that calls for adding a box of strawberry gelatin to white cake mix. I used a strawberry mix and added 1 ½ TBS of the gelatin.

a baby shower5

My polka dot delight was fun to do and the expectant couple were very pleased with it. I hope you like it to!

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  1. You know me Sandra. I'm in on anything pink. I think the combination of flavors sounds delicious - I'd probably need to sample both! Congrats on your new family member soon to arrive too :)
  2. Sandra that cake is so cute... if it had cheeks I would pinch them. :) I love the polka dot theme too... what an adorable idea. Your nephew is a lucky man to have such a talented Aunty to do two of his most important cakes for him. I love how yout business is taking off... hope it continues to fly high. :)
  3. This is just too, too cute! This had to have taken FOREVER with those polka dots (especially those at the bottom!) and all the other little details!!! Congratulations your nephew and his wife!!!