Love Bird Coffee and Tea Cup Set ~ Review

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Imagine opening a well packed box and then finding an item wrapped in corrugated paper, tied with navy grosgrain ribbon, and secured with a wax seal. Come on who does that nowadays? Uncommon Goods does that, and I was immediately impressed upon opening the box. I was sent this Love Bird coffee and tea cup set from Uncommon Goods for review. The opinions stated are my own.

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Uncommon Goods has many unique hand crafted items like this one that are suitable for lots of gift giving occasions.

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This porcelain set was designed by Lucie Piedra and Meg Oliver and it is quite a conversation piece. The larger cup is for coffee and holds 12 ounces. The smaller one for tea holds four ounces. There is a Zen-like aesthetic to the set which adds to its appeal. Given the size difference between the two you’d think his and hers which is why I could see these being given to honor several milestones in a couple’s life. At first glance you might think, “Ok, how am I supposed to hold on to and drink from this?” We’re used to a cup/mug with a handle to hold on to; this set doesn’t have one. That being said picking up and holding on to the cup by the beak and tail so to speak was different (in a good way) but very comfortable. I was also pleased to discover that there was no substantial heat transfer to the outside of the cups and the beverages didn’t stain the inside. The set is also microwave and dishwasher safe. To look at more one of a kind gift items be sure and visit Uncommon Goods.

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I couldn’t resist baking a sweet treat for the Mr and I to enjoy with this set. The Blueberry Lemon Crumb Cake recipe will be posted her soon.


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    These are very unique cups! I like that zen aspect you mentioned, but I think I would like your cake more! 😉 Ps…your entire blog looks absolutely delicious!

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      My first thought was that there wouldn’t be a good grip but there was. The set also enhanced the whole experience because the design is so out of the ordinary.

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    Seriously….how is it that you don’t weigh like 1,000 lbs.??!?!??!!! That cake looks so good, and I’m sure it was even better with tea on the side!

    I wouldn’t mind holding a cup by the beak and tail. We drink from Japanese-style cups here at home on occasion, and there’s no handle, so I’m sure I could adjust. Wouldn’t burn my fingers like those Japanese ones, either!!!

    The packaging from the company was very, very thoughtful and pretty. I love it when companies go that extra mile and make opening a package like Christmas for you!!!

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      Giving away my baked goods helps but some I want to keep here. Which means doing as much extra exercise as these knees will let me. This set was so unique and I appreciate Uncommon Goods for choosing me to review it.

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