Gooey Biscoff Chocolate Chip Cake Bars

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When the kids come home there are certain foods that are a must have. Tacos and Chocolate Truffle Cake fall into that category. As long as those two are in place then I can sneak in a newbie or two. This time around one of the newbies was Gooey Biscoff Chocolate Chip Cake Bars from Picky Palate. The minute I saw them on Jenny’s site the tug of war began. Make them, don’t make them, make them, don‘t make them. If you’ve ever had Biscoff before you probably know how irresistible this stuff is. The first taste is like a powerful drug and no matter how hard you try to stay away from it you are drawn, spoon in hand to its creamy goodness.

My kids are used to me saying “try this” as I shove lovingly hand them something to taste. Not one of them, or anyone else that hung out with us last weekend thought it wasn’t good. Score!! Luckily there is only a quarter of a jar left. Unfortunately it calls to me whenever I’m within five feet of it.

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I think I over baked them a bit trying to deal with my persnickety oven. Do you think that mattered? No, no a thousand times no! I put them in a zippered bag to store them and lo and behold the next day they were soft and chewy. These lovelies are full of Biscoff and mini chocolate chips. Promise yourself that when you eat them you’ll do an extra round of cardio the next day. Unless of course your mom insists you have sack races in 90 degree weather. OMG, I wish you could have seen that one!!! My kids are troopers.

I followed the recipe to the letter and here’s the link. Visit Jenny’s site for a while you will find lots of yummy goodness over there.

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