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The Cake Slice Bakers are coming to the end of our baking adventures with Great Cakes by Carol Walter. As stated many times previously this was not the most well received book. A couple of months ago we found our stride by having the option to choose one of several cakes rather than just voting for one. For this month’s reveal I chose the Golden Peach Cake.

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The list of ingredients was relatively short and I had all of them on hand. Peaches are at their peak right now and that also influenced my decision. The cake was baked in a spring form pan and my pan has been getting a good workout lately. I’ve come to appreciate it for more than just baking cheesecake. The easy release is one of its best features.

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As per most of the instructions in this book, sugar is added one tablespoon at a time and it’s suggested to allow 6-8 minutes for thorough blending. Friends, I tried that and this time it wasn’t happening. I added it gradually to the creamed butter as I do with other cakes and mixed until it was light and fluffy.

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Once the eggs and vanilla were added it was time to alternately incorporate the dry ingredients with the wet. Nothing unusual about this step; begin and end with the dry ingredients. I like to stop the mixture a few turns before everything is well blended and give the batter a few stirs by hand with a spatula. This is my assurance that I won’t over beat it which can cause the gluten in the flour to form elastic gluten strands. Elastic gluten strands means a denser, chewy texture. Not a good thing for cakes.

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Half the batter was spread in the buttered spring form pan and dotted with the chopped peaches. I dropped large spoonfuls of the remaining batter evenly over the peaches and smoothed it carefully with an angled spatula. A topping made of chopped walnuts, sugar and cinnamon was sprinkled over the top and into the oven it went.

My cake baked for 55 minutes at 350° and was perfectly golden. I let the cake completely cool in the pan on a cake rack. Once again the easy release of the spring form pan came in handy. I have a widen scraper than I use for smoothing the frosting on the sides of my decorated cakes and I used it to remove the cake from the base of the spring form pan. No sticking, no fuss, no muss.

peach cake 6

I’m very middle of the road with this one. It is a good cake, more like a coffee cake and not too sweet. The peaches made it incredibly moist and the crunch of the topping created an interesting contrast in textures. I think it would be a great addition to a brunch menu and I would like to try it with berries, pears or even figs.

If you’re new to the reveals from the Cake Slice Bakers, we have not been granted permission by the author of the book we’re baking from to share the recipe. However, I’m sure that there are versions of this and others floating around the internet. I’d also like for you to check the links below to see the choices from my fellow bakers.

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  1. says

    Sandra, Thank you so much for the tip re: mixing with hand…Always striving to make better cakes and from now on, I do believe your trick will be adopted =) As for your peach cake – Yum! Not very eloquent but yum! Your cake seems to sing of summer’s happiness. Great choice =)

  2. says

    Picnic basket! Enjoyed reading your post. Now with your beautiful Golden Peach Cake – we at TCS bakers baked all FOUR of the recipes up for this month! Well Done Ladies!

    • says

      This is going to be a summer only cake unless I put away some before the season is over. If not it’s just one more thing for me to look forward to next year.

  3. says

    I would have picked out the peach cake, too! I just bought 10 pounds of peaches…just so I can make this sort of cake in the middle of the winter!

  4. says

    I’ve never considered baking anything other than a cheesecake in a springform pan. I like the idea! I wonder if I could do quiche in it? No…probably wouldn’t make sense. Oh, well!

    The cake looks good. Without actually tasting it, though, I can’t comment further. That was a hint. Not a very subtle one, I might add! :-) :-) :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. says

    Sandra if looks tell how it tastes then your cake had to be divine – it looks so wonderful!!
    I almost went with this cake – after seeing your cake I think I may have to go back and try it.


    • says

      Hey Holly! We’ve been having lots of fun the last couple of months with all of the options. This was a really good cake. Thanks for stopping by.

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