Fallen Cake with Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

This is what happens when you haven’t baked for your family in over a week. You start throwing together odds and ends just to come up with something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Last weekend I had a special order for a full sheet cake. One half yellow, the other half white. As I’ve done before I combined a scratch cake recipe with a boxed. I’m not comfortable enough yet to go all scratch with large cakes. Well, the yellow cake fell and I don’t know why. It tested done but after cooling for about ten minutes the center sank. In the meantime the white cake was in the oven, same procedure; half scratch half boxed. It turned out beautifully, yippee! The next morning I baked another yellow half sheet. This time all from a box, didn‘t want to take another chance.

Still, I wasn’t about to throw away an entire half sheet cake because it had a stinking sink hole. Waste not Want not! I decided to use it for practicing with fillings, frosting and just cutting it up for different desserts. Here’s what I came up with. I used my 5” round pan as a template and cut two cakes. I placed them in a 6’’ round lined the bottom with a parchment circle, and fitted an acetate band around the sides. In case you’re wondering, I used a 6’ pan because I didn’t want to do any more trimming to get a comfortable fit in the 5” one. So any-whoooo, I placed one layer in the pan and piped a generous amount of chocolate mousse (boxed) on top. Next came another cake layer. On top of that I spooned softened vanilla bean ice cream on top and smoothed it out. I covered the entire pan with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer overnight.

After unmolding it I added some raspberry sauce for a bit of color. Today we have dessert, Tah Dah!!!! And no one is excited but me. It is soooo not the most perfectly executed masterpiece I envisioned, but it’s edible and it tastes good. I’m only slightly black and blue from beating myself up about not taking more time with the piping and filling of the layers, but oh well. I have the rest of my life to get it down pat. A five inch cake yields about four nice sized servings. We don’t need more than that because I have something else planned. Onward and Upward food friends!!!!

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  1. Waste not, want not is right! And stop beating yourself up!!!! That's my foodie friend you're hitting! I love the idea of this cake. Yellow cake. YUM. Chocolate mousse. Double Yum. ICE CREAM! TRIPLE yum! :)
  2. Hahaha Sandra you are funny. Well, for someone who doesn't bake, this cake looks great! I actually don't notice about the "fall" and you "covered up" too well that it looks great! :-) See, baking seems...very confusing to me. It's a lot easier to cook meals than baking to me for some reason. If this happened to me, I wouldn't know how to fix like you did. Great job Sandra!
  3. Beautiful cake! Love all of the different layers, chocolate mousse is one of my favorites :)! The raspberry sauce is a nice touch!
  4. I think that's a great looking save. It's so frustrating when you need something to turn out and it doesn't. Murphy's Law I suppose. How did you get started in your cake business?
    • Yeah that Murphy's Law has a way of sneaking up on you. I took a cake decorating class 27 years ago and began practicing on my family. Slowly word got out and I started getting orders.
  5. More cake Sandra? LOL I should have waited for Sunday after my week long detox to visit your blog, because now all I want is cake LOL it looks yummy!